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Wilbur Ramirez Charitable Trust


Wilbur and children from rubbish collectors’ community in South Jakarta
(photo copyright: Barbara Jayson)

Last year FMCH Indonesia welcomed the BBC film crew making the follow-up to their hugely popular ‘Toughest Place to be a….’ series featuring Wilbur Ramirez, the charismatic London binman, singer and now, philanthropist.

In the first programme Wilbur spent ten days living and working as one of the army of the semi-destitute binmen who collect rubbish in Jakarta, one of the biggest and fastest growing cities in the world. During his stay Wilbur joined Jakarta-based binman, Imam Saffi, on his backbreaking daily round as he collected the rubbish of Jakarta’s wealthy and discovered the poverty and squalor of life next to a fly-ridden tip.

When he returned to London, Wilbur met with Barbara Jayson MBE, Founder of the Foundation of Mother & Child Health (FMCH), to talk about how the Wilbur Ramirez Charitable Trust could help FMCH provide programmes for binmen and their families in Guntur, South Jakarta.

Wilbur returned to Jakarta in March 2013 and met with the FMCH Indonesia team to see our work. The series producer and director Simon Davies, cameraman Luke, and their team joined him. See what happened here in ‘Toughest Place to be a….Binman, the Return’.

New programmes

Work in Imam’s community in Guntur, South Jakarta began later the same year. Three new programmes were set up: a community Health Education programme, a Community Health Worker training programme and a Skills Training programme for mothers.

Community health education activities for binmen were held monthly and skills training for wives of binmen in the Guntur community were held once a fortnight. As well as health education and skills education, the Foundation for Mother & Child Health provided training for Community Health Workers, free medical check ups and educational puppet shows. About 200 people (binmen, their families and neighbours in Guntur) benefitted from this project.

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Everyone at FMCH Indonesia would like to sincerely thank Wilbur, Simon, Luke, Shinta and Bobby for their time and patience with us during the filming and for this great opportunity to share our work.