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The Foundation for Mother & Child Health (FMCH) aims to help children reach their potential by improving the mental and physical health, education and skills of both mothers and their children.

It has long been known that mothers play a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability of programmes developed to alleviate malnutrition and poverty amongst children.

Educate a woman and the family will thrive. A well nourished woman not only faces fewer risks during pregnancy and childbirth, but her children are better developed, both physically and mentally: performing better at school, growing into healthier adults and providing their future children with a better start in life.

The World Health Organisation states that:

  • Poor nutrition contributes to 1 out of 2 deaths (53%) among children aged under five in developing countries.
  • 1 out of 4 preschool children suffers from under-nutrition, which can severely affect a child’s mental and physical development.
  • 1 out of 3 people in developing countries are affected by vitamin and mineral deficiencies and therefore more subject to infection, birth defects and impaired physical and psycho-intellectual development.

FMCH currently has programmes in Indonesia and India with locations in Jakarta, West Timor  and Mumbai.

  • In India, the Foundation for Mother and Child Health focuses on provision of health, nutrition and child development programmes.
  • In Indonesia, FMCH focuses on health and nutrition programmes together with provision of pre school education for malnourished children, skills training for mothers and training for pre school teachers and community health workers.

Both regions are currently developing new health, nutrition and education programmes focusing on the first 1000 days of life – antenatal and postnatal care of mothers, and care of infants up to two years of age.

For an in depth look at the programmes being carried out in each region please click on the country link.