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Pre School Education


Only one in five (20%) of children below the ages of 6 years old receives preschool education in Indonesia; and those that are lucky enough to have received, it are likely to have been brought up amongst the middle or upper classes. The cost of preschool education makes it unaffordable for many, particularly the poor.” (UNICEF: Annex to the Country Strategy Paper 2001- 2005). Pre primary school education is of great importance as it prepares the child for education later on in life. Without it, the child’s readiness for learning is considerably reduced.

The Foundation for Mother & Child Health Indonesia provides eight pre-schools : 1 in urban Jakarta and 7 in rural West Timor.

Preschool children and their mothers benefit from FMCH Indonesia health and nutrition programmes and are visited on a regular basis by FMCH doctors and health educators.

Our aim is to provide a happy, safe and secure environment in which the children can learn to interact with others in a friendly and co-operative manner, learning through play and having equal access to facilities.

Opportunities are provided and support given so that every child can achieve their full potential. The curriculum the teachers use is designed to meet the children’s needs through structured play and educational activities, developing language, mathematical, physical, creative, personal and social skills.


Our preschool facility is located in Cipete, South Jakarta and has a school roll of 45  children aged between 3 and 6 years of age who are taught by two full time teachers and one teaching assistant. The Foundation works closely with low income communities, some of whom live on or nearby garbage dumps in Jakarta.

Children from three to six years old attend preschool up to five times each week depending upon their age. The five and six year olds attend every morning, and the younger children two afternoons a week. Children attending feeding programmes learn and play alongside children from low income families in the surrounding community.

West Timor

FMCH provides access to pre school education in 7 pre schools in 5 villages in West Timor.  Pre school teachers from Jakarta train pre school teachers in West Timor – many of whom are mothers from the community who have offered to train as pre school teachers in order to improve the education of children in their villages.

Due to severe budget constraints in local government departments, FMCH has been requested to provide funding for 2 teachers salaries in each school – a total of 14 teachers. FMCH would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to be a potential sponsor for these teachers.