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Nutrition quiz with mothers in Jakarta

India & Indonesia

The main aim of FMCH nutrition programmes are to improve the nutritional status of children and their mothers. The Foundation for Mother & Child Health does this in a number of ways such as the provision of supplementary food to malnourished children and providing access to health promotion activities for mothers and fathers.

Even if the family has adequate resources children can be poorly fed, especially when breastfeeding and weaning practices are not carried out correctly.

Diarrhoea, TB, typhoid, pneumonia, malaria and dengue can all cause children to become undernourished, and many of these illnesses are  exacerbated by the presence of intestinal worms. Common colds and flu’ are taken seriously in undernourished children as they can easily lead to pneumonia.

1:1 Counselling with mothers in India

In India and Indonesia, FMCH aims to reduce the incidence of malnutrition in the communities in which they work by:

  • Interactive counselling sessions with mothers within the community on the importance of breast feeding, the timely introduction of solids for infants and feeding for toddlers.
  • 1:1 counselling with mothers on the nutritional needs of their children.
  • Supplementary nutrition and intensive feeding programmes
  • Interactive ‘hands-on’ cooking demonstrations for young mothers in the community.
  • Home visits

Wherever possible FMCH encourages mothers and their children to use their local Community Health Centres for treatment of tuberculosis and other common conditions. It is important that the community continues to support the health system already in place. Naturally if a child suffers from a condition that cannot be treated free of charge by a local Health Centre, FMCH will endeavour to help the family financially from our medical fund or by fundraising.