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Health Care

Discussions with health care professionals in West Timor

India & Indonesia

FMCH doctors and health educators provide:

  • Regular health clinics
  • Pre/ante-natal classes
  • Multivitamins for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and their children
  • De-worming medication for children
  • Health talks
  • Home visits
  • Typhoid vaccinations – India  / TB treatment – Indonesia
  • Emergency health clinics – Indonesia
  • Training updates for health professionals


Dr Elsa holding a health clinic for children at a FMCH feeding programme in Jakarta.

Regular Health Clinics

FMCH doctors provide regular health check-ups for children aimed at tracking physical and mental growth and supporting families to best take care of their child’s development.  Deworming medicine and multivitamins might be dispensed at  these clinics.

Head midwife in West Timor health centre with young baby.

Health Talks

Health talks for parents are organized in response to specific needs of a community. Talks are given by health care professionals on topics such as the importance of balanced nutrition;  personal hygiene; healthy lifestyles; breastfeeding, weaning and childcare practices; and common infectious diseases such as typhoid, malaria, dengue and TB.

Health care talks – India

Home Visits

Visits to the homes of acutely undernourished children are carried out to support mothers in making the right choices on health and nutrition issues and to help FMCH staff understand why these children are not thriving as well as expected.

Typhoid Vaccination Camps

Specifically provided by FMCH  India, typhoid vaccinations are vital for children. Typhoid fever is a long lasting infectious disease affecting the digestive system and children who already have compromised immune systems, are very likely to become acutely malnourished if they contract this disease with all the attending problems acute malnutrition can bring.

Emergency Health Clinics

These are specifically provided by FMCH Indonesia in response to emergency situations such as the recent flooding in Jakarta, earthquakes in Central Java and Sumatra and 2004 tsunami in Aceh.  A team of health care professionals travels to the stricken area and will dispense donated medications, offer advise to local communities on specific conditions, and help distribute donated clothing, food and utensils.

Indonesia has experienced many catastrophic natural disasters and FMCH is proud to have helped communities in its 16 year history of working in Indonesia.