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Father's Mental Health

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More than 1 in 8 mothers suffer with mental health illnesses such as anxiety or depression during pregnancy or after their child is born.

However, many people are unaware that up to 1 in 10 new fathers also struggle with changes associated with childbirth.


They may be unsure of their new role and struggle with new responsibilities, suffer from sleep loss, have financial worries, experience changes in their relationship with their partner, have a previous history of depression or, experience feelings of trauma after their child is born.

Traditionally, men have been brought up not to express their feelings and may be less likely to seek help. Some may self medicate - through alcohol use, for example. Some men find they become more irritable or angry. Some men may contemplate self harm or suicide.

Left untreated, maternal and paternal mental health issues may have an impact on the health, wellbeing and happiness of their children. But, if recognised and treated, mothers and fathers will recover.

We are collaborating with Mark Williams and other Not For Profit organisations to:

Raise Awareness; Push for Early Identification and Encourage Early Treatment of mental ill-health in new fathers.

Find out more & join us:

#How Are You Dad?

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