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FMCH-India run regular a pregnancy club for women and then after delivery, follow up each woman and baby fortnightly for the first 8 weeks. The team observes each mother for any sign of fatigue, lack of attachment and sadness  during their pregnancies and post delivery.


Pregnancy club sessions have time allocated for an ‘open house’ so that women can discuss anything with the FMCH team they are finding difficult to deal with.

FMCH-India have also been working on engaging fathers and mother-in-laws providing regular events to engage them with the idea of creating a supportive environment for each mother. 


In near future they hope to establish a proper referral system where mothers who need support, can be sent.


FMCH-Indonesia hold pregnancy classes for mothers in Semerang, Central Java and in villages in West Timor. 


During classes, the following topics are discussed with pregnant mothers:

Nutrition, anaemia, the first 1000 days of life, importance of antenatal care, kangaroo care, exclusive breastfeeding and early initiation of breastfeeding, family planning, dengue fever and malaria.  

The FMCH-Indonesia team consists of a doctor, midwives, nutritionist, and staff from the National Family Planning Board (BKKBN). 


Set up 7 months ago, 196 mothers have attended pregnancy classes in Semerang.

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